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Thank you for taking the time to visit our site. We at Sonnenblume Bengals, Savannahs & Chausies, strive to produce wonderful kittens and we take pride and great pleasure in rearing these truly magical felines. 

We are based in Buckinghamshire, approximately 4 miles outside the town of Buckingham, so we are easily accessible to all major transport links.

We are having some great success with our home bred kitten Sonnenblume Buttercup, on the TICA show circuit. She has now appeared in 52 Kitten Finals and is currently ranked as the Number One Savannah Kitten in the World.

Buttercup has continued to do well as an adult and is currently ranked as the Number One Savannah Cat in the World.

At the Brigg TICA show on 21st July 2012, our little girl, Jasmine became a CHAMPION. This is a historic moment for Sonnenblume, and more importantly, she is the very first entire Savannah in the world (outside of the USA) to gain a Championship title. This will hopefully pave the way and encourage other Savannah owners to show their cats and strive towards gaining titles at TICA shows. Jasmine appeared in the Cat world magazine in September's edition. Please see the 'Show News' page that has been added to the site.

Regional Awards 2012 - 2013

The Regional Awards have now been announced and we are so pleased to be awarded the following awards:

Jasmine is now a TICA Best of Breed Winner. She has received this award, as the Best Savannah Cat in Western Europe 2012-2013.  Jasmine also received a TICA Best of Colour award, as the Best Brown (Black) Spotted Savannah in Western Europe 2012-2013.

Simon is a TICA Best of Colour Winner. He received this award, as the Best Seal Lynx Marbled Bengal in Western Europe 2012-2013.


The top picture to the right, shows our Savannah, CHAMPION Purebliss Jasmine and the picture below shows CHAMPION Sonnenblume Diamond Geezer (Simon) and Sonnenblume Love-in-a mist (Solo). Both of these kittens were born here at Sonnenblume. See their show results on our 'Show News' page.


Sonnenblume cattery is negative for FelV & FIV 

& have a Pk Def screening programme in place.


SITE UPDATED:  17th April 2014


Sonnenblume is a registered

 cattery prefix with TICA (No 22570) 


            Phone: 01280 860435 (Home)

                        07581171398 (Mobile)

          Email:  Sonnenblume.Bengals@gmail.com


          Twitter: @Jo_BG_and_SV




This cattery has NOT been inspected by and is not endorsed by The International Cat Association, Inc